Engineering Design Offerings


  • Requirement capture of system specification
  • Preparation of Techno commercial proposal
  • Preparation of Project design document
  • Preparation of QA document
  • Manual preparation such as Users handbook, Maintenance Manual, Operators Manual
  • Scheme generation
  • Detailed design calculation: Speed, acceleration, Torque, Power, MOI calculations in mechanisms and drives
  • Selection of mechanical components
  • Gear calculation
  • Structural analysis. Finite element analysis of structures for static and transient mode and for finding the natural frequencies
  • Mechanism design. Free body diagram and degrees of freedom of mechanisms. Kinematic analysis of mechanisms for finding the position, speed and acceleration of various linkages of the mechanism. Dynamic analysis of mechanisms for finding the forces and torques in various linkages
  • Solid modeling of system
  • Motion simulation in 2D and 3D. Documentation
  • CFD analysis. Virtually prototyping of the system with thermal implications. The real world conditions are simulated to verify designs or make changes Temperature gradient, velocity gradient, hot spot regions are identified in the system with CFD analysis and suitable mode of heat transfer methods would be suggested for optimum thermal management by the usage of heat sinks, fans, heat pipes, thermal pads, etc.
  • Thermal analysis of electronic packaging
  • Design of Electronic packaging for shock, vibration, temperature, EMI/EMC for ruggedisation as per MIL specs
  • Hydraulic system design. Hydraulic circuit design


  • System integration
  • System testing
  • System verification
  • System validation


  • System failure analysis
  • Techno-Commercial Proposals
  • Research
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Advance development projects
    (New Projects)
  • Verification of Design
  • Building Prototype

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