Mechanical Design Capability

  • Calculations and Component Selection (BOM) for electro mechanical and hydraulic systems.
  • Detailed design calculation such as Speed/ acceleration/ Torque/ Power/ MOI
    calculations in mechanisms & drives.
  • Detailed Kinematic analysis of mechanisms for finding the position/ speed and
    acceleration of various linkages of the mechanism
  • Finite Element Analysis of Structures and Mechanisms. FEA of structures for static and transient mode to find stress/ deflection/ natural frequencies and response time.
  • Mechanism analysis for degrees of freedom of mechanisms/ Free body diagram of components and boundary conditions.
  • Dynamic analysis of mechanisms for finding the forces and torques in various linkages of the mechanism.
  • Detailed design using Solid modeling and other software.
  • Design Test Jigs such as for brake/clutch to check pulling force, torque and running in of brakes.
  • Thermal Analysis of plates in furnace, electronic modules.
  • System Level Mechanical Design for Launchers and Antenna Systems of electronic warfare for hoisting retraction and drive of antenna
  • Preparation of Techno commercial proposal. Requirement Analysis
  • Preparation of Scheme/ layout drawing
  • Preparation of Project design document
  • Motion simulation in 2D and 3D
  • Detailed Documentation


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