Data Analytics

Data Analytics services and data science are powerful tools.
Applied Intelligence is about combining them with AI and intelligent automation to meet your needs and bring your particular vision to life. We help clients in moving to a data-driven business model to enhance customer experiences and growth unlocking the true value of data

As part of our data analytics services, we capture essence of data analysis and management to help client understand new opportunities, hidden threats, your core audience, and their needs. Harness the power of technology and data to identify, distinguish, and personalize the impact in the market with data management, predictive analytics, data migration and more.

Our data analytics & insight offering transforms data into strategic insights and provides ways to monetize data through advanced analytical techniques and new technologies.

Big Data Analytics

With the right tools and an extensive technology stack, our big data solutions provide you with insights for customer behavior, operational processes, fraud prevention, risk management and more. Through cross-channel integration, capitalize on meaningful BI to achieve desired business outcomes.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analysis is a forward-gazing technique of analyzing historical data to forecast accurate future outcomes based on a variety of set parameters. Businesses extensively use this method to detect risks, halt fraudulent behavior, identify opportunities, plan business strategies, and so on. Find patterns and recognize your business future value through our advanced analytics solutions.

Data Migration and Integration

Upgrade your legacy system and reap the benefits of digital transformation by migrating existing data and content through automated processes. For smooth migration and integration that does not interfere with your business processes, we ensure that the system performance, security, and maintenance is thoroughly monitored within the migration timeframe.

Data Strategy and Advisory

Industries and Corporates must understand the relationships between their data to unlock its power and go beyond simply regulatory compliance. Our data strategists and advisors help clients establish a data-driven model through improved understanding, management, and governance of data.