Power plants can spend upwards of 75% of their maintenance budget on outage services. In addition, they increase their safety risk by inviting hundreds of maintenance workers to come and work on the outage. It can ruin availability goals if the project goes over schedule. To avoid these potential dangers, power plants must plan their outages far in advance and with as much detail as possible. Our Power Plant Outage Management System helps in planning the outages.


Let’s make your next outage your best one

Whether you’ve just started planning for a power plant outage, are in the middle of outage planning, or are dealing with an unplanned plant shutdown or turnaround, we have expertise and services to help. Our power plant outage services has broad experience handling both planned and unplanned outages and can service cross-fleet.

Explore our Outage Management System. It can help provide you with important deadlines for the outage planning process. No matter what state of planning you’re in, though, we’ll work with you to make sure your outage is successful.